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What we offer


Virtual production

The modular LED wall setup, allows us very flexible on the Customer's wishes enter into. The LED Cube can

up to 45m² Area get extended.

The additional Rollable LED stand are very easily placed in the desired position and thus serve to provide light and reflection.

Professional tracking

Our tracking system allows us to do this multiple tracking manufacturers 

to use. So we can go with it different tracking systems communicate at the same time. E.g. could use Antilatency for camera tracking and Vive for talent or object tracking.

And all of this is Genlock!

2D & 3D Content Service

We create yours 2&3D content Wishes. It allows you to almost every place in the world to jump. You will immerse yourself in the fascinating world of virtual production.

Mobile tracking in any
studio or live

Through ours modular and mobile tacking system, it is possible for us, also in other studios to use this system.

The Antilatency system is very suitable for Green screen recordings

For Shoots with a live character We have had very good experiences with Vive System.

Beleuchtete abstrakte Formen

Our technology

LED wall: Gloshine MV2.6, mobile LED stand, Novastar 4K (Genlock),

Tracking: Antilatency, Vive, EZTrack Hub (Genlock), 

3D: Unreal 4.27/5.2.1 Render Nodes,

Controls: Pixera media serverStage precision, 

Keyer: Blackmagic Ultimate & Control Unit,

Camera: Arri Alexa LF, Kinefinity Mavo, RED V-Raptor, Panasonic BS1H...​

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